Keep your hair healthy with our moisturizing hair treatments. Our stylist are well trained to handle your hair properly without causing breakage.

Try out our special Henna treatment which leaves the hair feeling soft after treatment.

Our Moisturizing treatments moisturize and soften the hair. We advise that this is done at least once every month during rainy season and once in 2-3 weeks during the dry harmattan weather.

To take down (loosen) a style that you have carried for 3weeks and above:  Our stylist are trained to properly detangle your hair in order to help you retain the length you have gotten during the period your hair was in a protective style.

After washing, natural hair must be allowed to dry in a style that will stretch it out. We do not advise that you wash and leave your kinky hair to dry without it being in twists or braids. This causes the hairs to knot and makes detangling afterwards very difficult. If you want anything special like a double braid (Goddess braids) or chunky twists, please choose the appropriate option.

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Harmattan seson is here again. Is your hair ready to deal with the dry harsh weather?
For tips on how to get through the dry months without loosing your hair line and length subscribe below.