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My Mobile Stylist is a Nigerian salon service that brings beauty to your doorstep. Our stylists are well trained by experts in the field to handle afro textured hair. Techniques like “finger detangling” and “working in sections” are not foreign words to us. Our main aim is to help our clients grow beautiful hair on a budget.

Have an occasion? Worry not; we have a team waiting to help you get “Party Ready” in no time and on a budget. Can’t find the service you are looking for? Please send us an email or call and we would do our best to deliver.

Our Mobile Stylist currently operates in three states of the Federation; The Federal Capital Territory, Benue State and now Kaduna State. Stay tuned for more information as we work at reaching our clients not within the above mentioned states.


Harmattan seson is here again. Is your hair ready to deal with the dry harsh weather?
For tips on how to get through the dry months without loosing your hair line and length subscribe below.